“We can do so much here with the food, it feels so real”

Gregory Mills

Diwali 2016, Greg and Karine travelled to India and spent a few nights in Delhi to celebrate Diwali and experience the traditions of this festival of lights with local families and with many adventures around the city. One of the two most striking events for Greg was the time they spent in the kitchen of the Sikh temple, Gurudwara, exploring the gigantic cooking pots and sitting with the people who would give their time to prepare food for the workers, students and people of the street.

A few friends of ours are Sikhs and conversations around food and togetherness were part of our kitchen debates. Greg was amazed by how much we could provide at lunch time once the empty room started to fill up and all the people sat on the floor ready to be fed in a noisy lively atmosphere. Karine remembers his eyes lighting up and him saying: “We can do so much here with the food, it feels so real”.

So she promised they would do more of these events together and today we shall honour this word for the light in your eyes and your love for food and of people being together.

4 January 2017, Singapore

Our dear friend Meeta arranged a breakfast in the name of Greg in Singapore Silat Road Sikh Temple. Full breakfast was served in that morning for hundreds of students and workers. Special Ardaas or prayers were done before the meal was served.