Jhadol Industrial Training Institute

 The Jhadol Industrial Training Institute is a tertiary level educational establishment set up to provide training in various trades so that young people can go on to secure employment in the Government or private sector or to set up their own business within their chosen trade.

The students at Jhadol Industrial Training Institute

The students at Jhadol Industrial Training Institute

The Jhadol Industrial Training Institute is attended by students from Jhadol and nearby villages who have completed their primary education up to Class 8 and secondary education up to Class 10 (as a minimum requirement). Girls and boys are able to attend and RBKS, which runs the Institute, has government approval to run three courses at the Institute:  wireman, diesel mechanic and electrician. The latter two courses are new courses from this academic year. The intake at the Institute is expected to increase to above 300 students and RBKS has built new facilities to accommodate the larger intake and new courses. However, until now there has been no facility for clean drinking water.

Although the donation is made through The Gregory Mills Foundation, it has been made in the name of Fu Tian Yun, who is an old lady very dear to the hearts of the parents of the birthday boy, who, along with her family, is going through a really tough time at the moment. They are hoping that this will give her a bit of good karma in return, in the same way it did for Sandy, in whose name the second of our now three Reverse Osmosis systems was donated.


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