Second Sports and Fun Day

Ana has been wonderful with her commitment to Greg and to what she promised to do in her village in his name in remembrance of their conversations about the kids, their lives in the countryside, the games he would have loved to play with them and of course the food feast.

Since we started together, Ana has created with us an annual event with the village school, bringing smiles and fun to many kids. She also made sure that with each of Greg’s birthdays there is a celebration with colourful cakes, games and togetherness.  

Lately Ana, using toys and other items from our home which have been sent to her village and recreating our fun days with many youngsters, has created a play area for the village kids and opened a store which she named after the nickname/player name Greg gave to himself for his FIFA football game on his PS4: Gmtekkas.

Thank you Ana, your dedication and friendship to Greg in his new adventure is truly moving.

As we did last year, we supported Ana in the funding of the second GMTEKKAS sports and fun day in the village in The Philippines in which Ana now lives


"Food, sports and games bring people together"

Ana has been working for our family for over 8 years. She is family to us and comes from a village in The Philippines, called Aklan. Gregory and Ana were like brother and sister, taking care of each other, teasing each other and being confidants for each other. Ana promised to take Gregory to her village this year and Gregory spontaneously offered to come to the school to prepare with his mum some yummy sandwiches and spend the day with the kids. We thought that was a brilliant idea and we decided to go in April.

1 January 2017, Aklan, The Philippines

In honour of that conversation and the love of Greg to have people together, gathering around food, sports and fun games, Ana organised on behalf of the Foundation, the first event on 1st January 2017, holding Gregory tight in her heart and feeling his presence and his happy spirit all around.

The Foundation supplied the sports kits for the boys’ basketball and volleyball teams. The girls’ netball team was created and the sports kits also were provided to them. The Foundation also provided the food for the children’s party after their sports games. The age group of the children was from 8 to 12. The younger kids got T-shirts and games. All the kids, 80 of them, were together on 1st January 2017, gathering around colourful food, games and play time.


Ana’s words:

“Madam, I would like to thank you, on behalf of all the kids here. I can’t explain how happy they are. I really wish that Greg saw this all, because this is the moment he wished for, making the kids of the village happy by sharing food and having fun and giving gifts. Thank you so much. Bless you. “






A Smile and Food Paper Bag Event