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acts of Good Around the World

Greg’s cousin, Grace, ran the London Marathon for the first time last year and raised funds for two causes, one of which was our Foundation. Thanks, Grace!

It seems that she (like her father) is now addicted to endurance sport as she ran it again this year and, having vowed not to do it again, within days of completing it for the second time, had applied to do it again next year!

Greg’s Aunt, Chelle (who heavily supported Ashleigh in the arrangements for last year’s quiz night and is doing so again for this year’s dinner dance), let it be known where she works that she is involved with the Foundation and a colleague then offered her 200 tickets to the Fleetwood Mac Wembley Stadium concert in June, for her to sell to raise funds. Initially it was thought that she may be able to sell a couple of dozen, but the take-up by family, friends and colleagues was enormous and all 200 tickets were sold, resulting in a considerable donation to the Foundation.

A huge thank you to Chelle and her colleague, Paul, for this most unexpected contribution.

Caleb and Cordelia, friends of Karine & Chris, were married in the Summer of 2018 and, instead of wedding presents, asked their friends and family to make donations to support two worthy causes, one of which being The Gregory Mills Foundation.

Thank you both for your beautiful thought and thank you to all their family and friends who gave so generously to the two causes.

The Chow Family - reference has been made elsewhere to the funds provided through the generosity of the Chow Family and their young son, Gridell (who donated his birthday money and is pictured below with his sister, Logan, and Chris) for the funding of two Reverse Osmosis Water Systems, donations being made in the names of Charlie’s sister, Sandy, and the elderly lady Fu Tian Yun.

The Riewer Family Through the very generous donation and ongoing commitment to fund the education of more children by Philippe, Eirlys, Madryn and Brianne, a further 5 children now have sponsorship to see them through their education and, like all others sponsored by the Foundation, each will have a birthday cake on their birthday for sharing with their family.

We, Shahla and particularly the children are hugely grateful for their support and commitment. 

As with all funds which we are blessed to receive, 100% goes to the “acts of good” and all costs associated with running the Foundation and investigation of the causes which we consider supporting, including follow-up visits, are met from the pockets of Karine & Chris.

Waad and Rokshana

Mention is made elsewhere of the food distribution arranged by our friend Waad and her daughter Rokshana and the food distribution to the manual labourers and security personnel in the area in which they live, in memory and honour of Greg.

Thank you for this touching initiative and act of good.

Alek and Adam

The boys gathered together and delivered to Karine for onward delivery to Mother Miracle School on her visit earlier this year, a dozen tennis rackets and associated tennis equipment.

Tennis is another sport introduced by Shahla to the school and which was a sport played by Greg from the age of 3. Thanks, boys! Your donation will be much appreciated by the kids.

Alex Connor IN the British F4

Greg’s mate, Alex Connor, took a big step forward in his racing career following a successful debut test in British F4 at Croft racing circuit this summer.

During his testing the week of 21-28 October 2018, as he had done this time last year in his kart racing at the Dubai Autodrome Kart Track, Alex remembered his friend, Greg, with a special decal on his F4 car.

The championship is designed as a relatively low-cost entrance to single-seater motorsport and is aimed at young racing drivers moving up from karting. Not only was it Alex’s first test in a British F4 car, it was the first time he had driven a car of any kind.

However, the 14-year-old took the challenge in his stride and his graduation from karting couldn’t have got off to a better start, with Alex impressing during two days of testing in the UK at the end of September. He was adapting to the car a lot quicker than usual and, given he had never been in a car before, his lap times were reported to be very impressive.

For more detail, please see the following link to the Young Racing Drivers Academy website.

And for a video of one of Alex’s laps of the Angelsey circuit, please see this link:

It's all about Friends & Family

Quiz Night, 4 May 2018

Thank you to all of you for being here tonight. To Ashleigh, for putting this event together spontaneously and making it so special. For everyone who helped the set up of the evening, for the prizes, the quiz master, the skittles girl and the A team for the tombola tickets.

In his lifetime with us, Greg loved many things and one thing that meant the world to him was his families, friends and buddies, sharing good times, playing games having a laugh and having fun together. Tonight all of you are making it just as he loved it, in its true spirit and to support an altruistic project in his name with his awesome cousins, family and their friends. Its a giant thank you we express to all of you from the bottom of our heart.

For you to understand a bit better, the areas of work of the foundation and where we started, this is what inspired the work we do in Greg’s name.

Most of the projects started in India. Greg and I travelled to India in 2015, as part of his educative adventure and an adventurous trip to explore life, cultures from a very different scope of experiences, sitting with our rickhshaw drivers for their breakfast break, playing cricket at the park with the kids from the neighborhood, exploring the giant kitchen of the Sikh temple seating with the cooks and passing dishes for the morning breakfast of students and workers, celebrating Diwali with families and firecrackers, not speaking the same language, having a life that is ever so different and yet sharing good times together. All these conversations amongst many others on how we can do good in the simplest manner, how we can connect beyond our differences and learn from it…how smiles are so priceless - these are at the core of the work of the foundation

Part of the last term of Greg’s educative adventure we embarked on in 2015, was to work on a series of contributive projects from which G and his buddies could draw skills, explore concepts and get some exposure while learning important values and matters of today’s world, working around areas of passions and interests - things he loved like food and sports, nature, animals, dogs, giant turtles, dolphins, moose … and the adventure of exploring the underwater world and its weird, beautiful shapes, colors and species. The curriculum was all set for January, for a new learning and contributive adventure with his enthusiastic buddies. So we decided that we will carry on turning this work into an altruistic project in his name as a legacy of a life adventurer who loved to see everyone happy and cared for, having an awesome time.

Karting: A Story of Kinship

Alex Connor, one of Greg’s close friends since birth (their parents met at ante-natal classes!), has been karting for several years and is making a name for himself in the very competitive world of kart racing. In the 2015/16 season, he was the UAE X30 Cadet Champion and the UAE MicroMax Vice-Champion; and in the 2016 SWS Junior Cup World Finals finished in 3rd place. He currently drives with the Energy Dubai Racing Team.

During the weekend of the anniversary of Greg’s passing, Alex wanted to do something in memory of his friend and so he decided that he would produce and apply to his kart, Gregory Mills Foundation decals : the Monkey and Dragon logo on the nose of his kart; and the Red Dragonfly and Gregory Mills Foundation logo on the side pods and front wings.

On the first day of the weekend of racing, during the qualifying rounds, the set-up of his kart was affecting handling and despite working with his mechanic to adjust the set-up and some brave and aggressive driving, he was unable to secure a podium finish in the final race of the day. But on day two, things came together much better for Alex and he finished in a very creditable third place, the third place trophy for which he immediately dedicated to Greg’s memory.

He is a remarkable young talent. To learn more about Alex see: > alexconnorracing