Dinner Dance
to Oct 20

Dinner Dance

Following on from the fun and success of last year’s Quiz Evening, The Gregory Mills Foundation is holding a dinner on Saturday, 19 October at:

The Stock Brook Country Club, Queens Park Avenue, Stock, Essex CM12 0SP

The evening will commence with drinks followed by a three course meal and will include a raffle, auction and musical entertainment. The dress is black tie.

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Hunar Ghar Sports Event
to Jan 19

Hunar Ghar Sports Event

As intended, Chris travelled to Rajasthan for the annual three day sports event at Hunar Ghar School in Bakhel, the cost of which (including food for all) was funded again this year by The Foundation.

Over the three days, around 3,800 delicious (confirmed by Chris!) and nutritious meals were served to the pupils and teachers.

Hunar Ghar were at a distinct advantage over the other 10 schools which took part having the full time Sports Coach and, this year, now having twice weekly scheduled P E classes for all students.

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With thanks to :

Kanan Silvera of RBKS for all her help, information and translation skills during Chris’ three day visit;


Aditya Trivedi of Lakecity Holidays, Udaipur for arranging the land transportation and generously waiving his usual arrangement charges and charging us only what he pays to his contracted drivers.

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5:30 PM17:30

Quiz Night

In his lifetime with us, Greg loved many things and one thing that meant the world to him was his families, friends and buddies, sharing good times, playing games having a laugh and having fun together. May 4, 2018, a quiz night was arranged, just as he loved it, in its true spirit and to support an altruistic project in his name with his awesome cousins, family and their friends. Its a giant thank you we express to all of you from the bottom of our heart.

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to Jan 25

Educate for Life Sports Day Pledge

When JT and Chris visited Hunar Ghar school in October 2017, they discussed with Ed and the team the possibility of sponsoring a sports event, sport being so important in Greg’s life. The Foundation agreed to sponsor the next Hunar Ghar sports day event, which enables Hunar Ghar school and Educate for Life (the charity running the school) to reach out to other communities in the area.

1000 people attended per day, with 3000 meals provided during the event that included games, prizes and so much more. Here are the photos from the day:

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12:30 PM12:30

Food Paper Bag

April Food Distribution to workers in the neighborhood and across Dubai.

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to Mar 21

Little Angels Animal Rescue

Meet the 7 beautiful chocolates!

We were informed two weeks ago about 7 pups who were desperately in need of help. They were orphans and were rescued from an industrial area, but have not been washed, checked, vaccinated, dewormed, front-lined and chipped!

They are all looking for their forever homes and will soon be attending an upcoming adoption day. In the meantime, our rescued puppies are hungry. They are desperate for wet and dry puppy food. They are currently on Taste of the Wild wet/dry food and we would like to keep them on this.

If you would like to help our 7 beautiful babies and help us continue what we are doing, your generous donation could be ordered online through www.dubaipetfood.com. Mention Little Angels Animal Rescue League, and they will deliver the food to the shelter. 

Thank you!

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10:00 AM10:00

Ana's Coconut Tree Plants

Coconut trees planted with love in Ana’s garden. The start of a home made coconut oil project from Greg and Ana’ s vision board 2014.

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12:00 AM00:00

Skip the Straw Day!

National #SkipTheStraw Day on Friday, 24 February. According to The Last Plastic Straw skipping the plastic straw even for one day can have a far reaching and instantaneous effect on our planet. Spread the positive message! Ask bars and restaurants to serve straws upon request. 

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to Feb 19

Animal Rescue

The rescue of 21 puppies from a Dubai association.

Faith recovery: from her days in the isolation room to finding a new home. Medical fees and time spent with Faith was our contribution to helping Faith return to health.

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