Through the Acts of Good supported by The Foundation, we spread the wings of our son Gregory. In the simplest and most meaningful form, we honour what was close to his heart and our contributive adventures from the lifetime we shared.

The Foundation is a tribute to his playful, joyful and caring spirit, his love of life, food, nature, colours of the world, animals and the underwater world. It was created in honour of his heart and his love for family and friends, life companions here for each other, bringing something good to each other.

Education, travel and the many eclectic experiences we had together were an integral part of our journey. We explored, we investigated, we ventured into different places, lifestyles, cultures and people’s stories.

We wanted to give back when Greg left this world which was the start of this altruistic project. We began with a board of ideas, thinking about those who didn’t have the opportunity we had to explore, to be educated, to give youth the opportunity to do good using their creativity, to feel safe, to have a good meal, to have heart warming moments, a touch, an opportunity to grow,  be taken care of…

The legacy of a kind hearted young man, a life adventurer and lover of life.

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