Our Acts of Good around the World

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Acts of Good can be found all over the world. We are currently working with people and organisations in the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, India and Singapore. We are investigating projects in Canada and Africa and hope to spread our wings in many more countries in 2019.

The Inspiration behind our Work


“ Mum, we can do so much with the food here”, Greg said from our day in the kitchen of a Sikh temple in Delhi.

“Food brings people together”, we said to each other as we sat down for breakfast with two best friends who were homeless on the streets of Montreal, having a conversation with them and being introduced to their pets.

Food paper bag aims to support the distribution of food to the less privileged, be they young or elderly, bringing people together to pack lunches, prepare meals and distribute them in targeted areas for workers, seafarers, school kids and students.


“We are so privileged to have access to many educative experiences and travel freely to learn” was at the heart of my conversation with Greg. Giving back to kids who have no access to schools, education, sports, playtime, creative time and lunch packs was part of our plan.. starting with Ana’s village school in The Philippines.

Smile aims to support schools and projects for youngsters living in remote areas, youngsters with tough starts and living conditions as well as children’s welfare through specific projects and initiatives.


“Will he find a family Mum, a good family?” Charlie was the last dog Greg went to play with after school as he was waiting to be re-allocated to a family. Happily, he did find his family.

Charlie aims to support rescue homes for animals, vets’ clinics giving treatments to rescue animals and food supply.


“We were chasing turtles, giant sea turtles, in our day of reef exploration”. Greg was big on turtles and sharks, in particular. “I feel in my element when under water”, Greg used to say. He adored scuba diving and snorkeling and the sense of excitement, wonder, colours and the types of life he wouldn’t see on land. Nature and the Marine environment were a big part of his world.

Turtly aims to support Marine life preservation projects and initiatives; and support an educative mission.


Generally, the Foundation also aims to have an educative impact through creative projects and initiatives touching all the above areas of interest, so important to our world today.